Church Announcements


Submitted on: August 14, 2017

*Condolences: Sis. Eva Brown in the passing of her niece, Sis. Betty Jo Amiker (Winston-Salem, NC); Sis. Georgie Mack and family in the passing of her brother, Bro. John Davis (St. George, SC); Sis. Helen Sims in the passing of her nephew, Bro. Charles James (Columbia).

*Bible Study sessions suspended until September 6, 2017; August 30 Midweek Worship cancelled.

*Citywide Brotherhood Union meeting August 15, 2017, 6:00p, at Zion Baptist Church (801 Washington Street); all men asked to attend; dinner will be served; direct questions to Bro. Ivry Moon.  

*Preaching Engagements: August 16, 7:30p, Friendship Baptist Church (1611 Calhoun Rd, St. Matthews, SC), Rev. Thurmond Merchison, Pastor; August 27, 2:30p, Calvary Baptist Church (2815 East Peach Rd, Ridgeway, SC), Rev. David Mitchell, Acting Pastor.

*Children's Church resumes August 27.

*Security Ministry seeking new members; interested persons asked to contact Trus. Roy Livingston.

*Columbia Housing Authority is opening Public Housing Waiting List for all categories on August 16 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM; applications MUST be made online at CHA

*Acknowledgments: Sis. Patricia Boykin thanks Pastor Noble and Second Nazareth Family for prayers and kindness expressed in the passing of her brother; special thanks to everyone who supported Unity in the Community with school supplies, donations, event planning and work, and attendance.

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