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Submitted on: April 17, 2018

*Condolences: Sis. Myra Davis-Branic & family in the passing of her sister, Sis. Ernestine Green (Charlotte, NC); family of Bro. Matthew Johnson; Sis. Anne Dixon & family in the passing of her nephew, Bro. Gilbert Morgan (Alabama).

*Pulpit Flowers in memory of Dea. Quinton Graham by Sis. Thelma Graham and family.

*Men’s Chorus Rehearsals April 24 @ 6:30p; direct questions to Dea. Ervin Muldrow.

*Citywide Brotherhood Union meeting April 17, 2018, 6:00 pm, at Gunter’s Chapel Baptist Church (1631 Windover Road); asking all men to attend; dinner will be served; direct questions to Bro. Ivry Moon.

*Blessed Hands Ministry “Champions for God Contest” Sunday, April 22, 3:00p; Nazareth encouraged to support the contestants.

*Midweek Worship April 25, 6:30p.

*Casual Sunday April 29-“Keep it Churchy.”

*Persons interested in working with Silver Saints 2018 are asked to call church office.

*Women of Faith Week May 5-14; see details on back of bulletin.

*Family & Friends Day Winners: Trus. Frank McBride– largest number in attendance-23; Bro. Ron Stokes- attendee traveled the farthest-Kansas City, MS; Bro. Ernest Stroman largest contribution-$470; Branic & Green Family-youngest attendee-6 months old.

*Nazareth Family asked to be in prayer with the following men and their families as they prepare themselves for the Deacons Ministry: Morris Ashford, Kenneth Washington, Thomas James and William Kelly.

*Congratulations: Sis. Carlissa Sanders selected to participate in Curly Fashion Weekend (Charlotte); Sis. Doris Blanding announces her daughter, Sis. Patricia Prescott, was inducted into the Columbia Housing Authority’s Wall of Fame April 6, 2018.

*Acknowledgments: Senior Ushers thank Second Nazareth for supporting Union Session with special thanks to Sis. Cathy Johnson for assisting the ministry in remembering Sis. Loretta Muldrow.

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