Church Announcements


Submitted on: September 18, 2017

 *Condolences to Dea. Ervin Muldrow and family in the passing of his sister, Sis. Calpertia Black (Darlington, SC).

 *Flowers by Senior Ushers Ministry in observance of 80th Anniversary of Capital City Ushers Union.

 *The Citywide Brotherhood Union will meet 6:00 p.m, September 19, 2017 at Zion Baptist Church (801 Washington St.); asking all men to attend; dinner will be served; direct questions to Bro. Ivry Moon.

*YWAs, in partnership with Gethsemane YWA, hosts No Walls Event September 23, 9:00a; direct questions to Sis. Andrena Washington. 

*Casual Sunday has been changed to October 1 to accommodate persons wanting to participate in stroke screening event (see below).

*Church Conference/CDI September 25, 6:30p.

*Second Nazareth will host a "Holy Stroke" Health Initiative October 1 which will include basic assessment and one on one with a resident physician; Dr. Anil Yallapragada, a Columbia neurologist, developed “The Holy Stroke Initiative†to go into local churches to educate and screen for stroke risk; Dr. Yallapragada will be available for questions and provide a quick presentation prior to screening; direct questions to Sis. Kristen Martin.

*2018 Budget Requests due to Dea. Henry Geathers by October 1.

*Acknowledgment: Sis. Reatha Scott thanks Pastor Noble and church family for prayers, visits, etc during her recovery. 

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