Church Announcements


Submitted on: January 23, 2018

*January 22 Church Conference will be rescheduled.

*Children’s Church (ages 4-14) resumes January 28, 10:00a in old sanctuary; direct questions to Rev. Edward Taylor.

*Sign up for participants in Easter Program will begin January 28 immediately after services; deadline is February 11; direct questions to Sis. Nadine Ashford.

*Women of Destiny meeting immediately after worship January 28 to receive suggestions for 2018 theme, scripture reference and colors; contact Sis. Florist Bowman (765-1136) for additional information.

*2017 Contribution Statement requests may be obtained from ushers; place completed request in offering vessel; statement available the following Sunday in the foyer of the church AFTER WORSHIP.

*Beautification Ministry accepting 2018 pulpit flower orders; see Sis. Carolyn Dennis.

*Members are reminded to notify family deacon and/or church office (803-256-0088x0) to report sickness or death in family.

*Please note that the 2018 Church Calendar is a living document; to avoid conflicts, please call office (803-256-0088x0) to schedule use of the church/an event.

*In response to inquiries regarding torn black chairs in Bowman Auditorium, the chairs are available to any interested member; contact the Trustee Ministry at 803-256-0088 ext 2. 

*Church office has a limited supply of the new edition of All Seniors Resource Magazine for Silver Saints (first come, first get).

*Giving Options: Givelify mobile app; also on church website.

*Acknowledgments: Bro. Daniel Thompson thanks Pastor Noble, Dea. Moore and the Nazareth Family for prayers, visits, etc during his recent hospitalization; Dea. Moses Felder thanks Pastor Noble and Second Nazareth for love expressed during the illness and passing of his sister.

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