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Submitted on: October 16, 2018

*Second Nazareth hosts the Citywide Brotherhood Union October 16, 6:00p, in Bowman Auditorium; all men asked to attend; dinner to be served; direct questions to Bro. Ivry Moon.  

*Jubilee Choir hosts “Jubilee Concert” featuring the CBJCU Special Choir of the City Baptist Jubilee Choir Union October 20, 3:00p; direct questions to Trus. Lewis Reynolds.

*Gethsemane Association Annual Session October 21-25 at Second Calvary Baptist Church (1110 Mason Rd, Columbia); schedule and class details on DOWNLOADS page of Second Nazareth website and; registration now open.

*Midweek Worship October 31 @ 6:30p.

*In recognition of Pastor Noble’s community outreach, Second Nazareth and The Edgewood Foundation will host a special event November 9 at the Columbia Conference Center (169 Laurelhurst Ave); update on back of bulletin and church website; direct questions to Sis. Anna Davis.

*Veterans Observance November 11 (instead of 18th): Church members who are veterans or active military asked to submit name and branch of service (hard copy/email) to Edna Faust by October 28; if you have previously submitted you do not need to re-submit.

*Acknowledgments: Sis. Frances Johnson and Family wants to thank Second Nazareth for attending Wake and Funeral Services of her mother because “your support was just great and I don’t know what I would have done without Second Nazareth’s support”; Youth Ministry thanks members for support of the Gethsemane Youth Crusade and Outreach Project for which Second Nazareth donated two large containers of men items; Sis. Princess Cooper thanks Second Nazareth for condolences extended in the passing of her father; Sis. Nancy Johnson and Sis. Anne Dixon thank church family for calls, cards, kindness expressed in the passing of their sister.

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Submitted on: October 17, 2018

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Submitted on: October 16, 2018
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