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Submitted on: January 14, 2019

Condolences to Bro. Pink “Junior” Dinkins in the passing of his father, Bro. Pink Dinkins (New Jersey) and his mother, Sis. Mamie Patterson (Columbia).

Pulpit Flowers in honor of birthday of Sis. Mary McCants by Dea. Therin McCants, daughters and grandchildren. 

Bible Study sessions resume January 16. 

Casual Sundays observed every 4th Sunday as long as we “keep it churchy”.

Citywide Brotherhood meeting January 15, 6:00p, at Trinity Baptist Church (Richland St); all men asked to attend; dinner will be served; direct questions to Bro. Ivry Moon.

Attention Sisters!! A brief meeting after worship services January 20, 2019; see Sister Florist Bowman for additional information.

Leadership Council meeting January 28, 6:00p; Bowman Auditorium. 

Midweek Worship January 30, 6:30p.

Walk the Walk Challenge: In February the Health Ministry is asking Nazareth to “step it up;” details forthcoming; direct questions to Sis. Yolanda Mitchell. 

2018 Contribution Statement requests may be obtained from ushers; place completed request in offering vessel; statement available the following Sunday in the foyer of the church AFTER WORSHIP.

Members are reminded to keep contact information up-to-date; form on church website to report changes.

Acknowledgments: Sis. Shirley Nelson and family thank Second Nazareth for kindness extended in the passing of her nephew; Sis. Ernestine Davis and family thank Pastor Noble, deacons, Second Nazareth and Cleopatra Lodge #240 OES for the kindness shared during the illness and passing of her mother; Dea. Morris and Sis. Nadine Ashford and family thank Second Nazareth for the supportive prayers, calls, cards, etc., shared with their family in 2018.

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Submitted on: November 19, 2018

Champions for God Winners
Submitted on: May 15, 2018

Submitted on: January 14, 2019

Youth Report for 1st Quarter (nine weeks)
Submitted on: November 19, 2018
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