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Reverend Johnny Ray Noble, Ph.D, Pastor

Rev. Johnny Ray Noble Rev. Johnny Ray Noble Rev. Johnny Ray Noble, Ph.D., is unwaveringly committed to his faith and serving the community. With a deep passion for social justice and economic empowerment, he has dedicated his life to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and fighting against social disparities.

From a young age, Rev. Noble felt a calling to ministry, and he has since made a profound impact through his military service and 33 years of ministry. As the Pastor of Second Nazareth Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina, he has empowered countless individuals to grow spiritually and develop meaningful relationships with God and others. Affectionately known as the "Preaching Machine," Rev. Noble has led SNBC to experience remarkable growth in its ministries, membership, facilities, and weekly radio broadcast, reaching thousands statewide.

Beyond his role within the church, Rev. Noble is deeply involved in the Columbia community, serving on various boards and commissions. His dedication to the well-being of others has earned him the title of "the people's pastor," a testament to his genuine care and compassion.

Rev. Noble's academic achievements include a BSOE in Business Management, an MA in Counseling Psychology, a Ph.D. in Clinical Counseling Psychology, and a D.Min. He is pursuing a Ph.D. at Anderson University, Clamp Divinity School.

Above all, Rev. Noble's primary focus is on equipping and empowering individuals for ministry. He is deeply committed to developing clergy, leaders, and laity who can effectively serve the present age and make a lasting impact in their communities. As a devoted child of God, Rev. Noble strives to inspire and guide others on their spiritual journeys, fostering personal growth and a stronger connection with God.